Looking to purchase MLM Genealogy lists to build your MLM business? I highly recommend your reconsider.  You’ll do your business more harm than good.

These lists may seem like a good way to build your business, but there a many reasons to avoid using them and much easier and more effective ways to build your MLM business.

Why You Should Never Buy MLM Genealogy Lists

MLM Genealogy Lists are often hyped up and sold to new distributors so they have new prospects to talk to about their business opportunity. This usually occurs after the distributor has exhausted their warm market.

The problem is, these lists are often expensive, extremely outdated and the people on these lists have not asked for you to call, they don’t even know you have their contact information.

These few reasons alone will lead to a lot of headaches and frustration. If you manage to find a number on your list that isn’t disconnected, the person your cold calling will often be angry that you’ve called and bombarded them with your business opportunity.

As MLM genealogy lists are sold to multiple distributors, your “new prospect” that you paid your hard earned money for, has almost certainly received many other calls from other distributors pitching their business.

Even if you’re the first to call there is a very good chance the person your cold calling has either already found another MLM business or is no longer actively looking to join one. To be blunt, it’s a waste of your valuable time and hard earned money.

Fortunately there is a much easier and more effective way to build MLM business. You can quickly learn to generate your own high quality leads online absolutely free.

When you start to generate your own leads, instead of purchasing MLM genealogy lists, your leads are highly targeted and actually want more information from you. They gave you their contact information, so they can receive emails or phone calls from you.

You no longer have to try to convince them to join your business or buy your products. They have removed the “force field” surrounding them, as they came to you wanting to learn more. This is the key to success.

Think about how much faster your down line can grow if your prospects actually want more information about your products or business.

There are many different ways to generate free leads online such as, forum marketing, article marketing, video marketing, social media, etc and they’re all much more effective than using MLM genealogy lists.

Not only are they more effective, but you won’t have to spend a single dime to generate quality targeted leads to grow your business.

One of the big advantages of generating your own leads is, you’re the only person that has that leads contact information. It can’t be sold to other marketers and therefore you don’t have to compete with them, there is no competition.

Generating your own quality leads online is not difficult, but like anything new, it can take little time and patients to learn the skills required. However, if you can follow basic instructions, you can generate your own high Quality MLM Leads.

Once you learn these basic skills, generating leads online becomes easy and growing your MLM Business becomes more enjoyable.

If you can focus on using one or two marketing strategies and consistently take action, you will quickly start to generate your own leads and you’ll never have to buy MLM genealogy lists again.

To Your Success…

Glen Henry

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