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Tired of doing everything you can to build your MLM team but failing miserably? This article will explain what you’re doing wrong and how to overcome your problems  so you can build thriving MLM business in 12 months or less.

Most of us have been pestered at some point by a friend, neighbour or cousin to join their home party or MLM team. It’s irritating for the innocent bystander, in the path of a determined marketer.

It is also not very effective for the entrepreneur. It’s hard to make headway when people start hiding when they see you coming.

There are many old, out-dated strategies still being taught today which are considered no longer effective in this modern world.

Strategies such as:

  • Making warm lists
  • Chasing friends and family
  • Attending home meetings
  • Posting Flyers
  • Buying opportunity leads
  • Cold Calling Strangers etc 

So how does a marketer build a successful MLM team by recruiting distributors from outside their local area or direct circle?

There are several ways that could not only save your social life, but these strategies are far more effective at building an MLM team that is motivated, productive and successful.

Using Attraction Marketing

You need to capture the interest of people that are actually interested in building an MLM business. So how do you do this?

You attract other struggling marketers to you by providing useful information or something of value to help them succeed.

There are a variety of effective techniques to do this such as:

  • Write articles, or hire a freelance writer to do it.
  • Make videos and post them on YouTube and similar sites.
  • Buy solo ads in ezines and newsletters.
  • Create a Pay-Per-Click campaign.
  • Learn effective strategies to build your presence in numerous social media sites

Once you have the attention of your prospect, you send them to your capture page and offer an incentive for they to leave there email address such as free MLM training, eBooks, videos or a short report to help them build their business or generate more income.

It is important to make it available for immediate download as soon as they type in their email address. If they have to wait,
it’s probable that they won’t sign up for more information.

 Use a follow up system.

Use an auto-responder to follow up with leads with a series of emails that help them succeed and keep them interested. This quickly builds a relationship between you and your prospective MLM team member.

In your emails, provide more tips and free training to help them succeed in their current MLM business. You can answer common questions, provide tips in emails, show them how to make money using the system you use or simply direct them towards useful articles or videos on the internet.

Use a funded proposal or sales funnel.

When you recommend useful information products to your list, especially ebooks and training courses, you empower them. When given the opportunity, the best leads and future MLM team members will jump at the chance to educate themselves and learn new techniques that help them succeed faster.

Use affiliate products that you personally believe in and promote them to your list. It is also a good way for you to earn commissions.
Then use the affiliate income to fund your paid advertising strategies like PPC, solo ads etc.

This will provide you with constant quality leads on a daily basis that have paid you to generate them and join your list.

Although your goal is to get them to join your primary business and build your MLM team,  this strategy allows you  to making money from your list even if they decide not the join your business.

When was the last time you got paid to generate leads and YOU earned an income regardless of whether they joined your MLM business?

Sponsor distributors automatically 24/7

After you have completed steps above, it is time to recommend your primary MLM business. By this time you have developed a relationship with them. They have learned to trust you from reading your recommendations and the information you have supplied in the auto-responder series.

People love the freedom of signing up 24/7 online. Joining an MLM is usually a decision that takes a lot of pondering. Most people don’t jump into it straight away. They don’t like pressure. It has to be their idea to join.

By using an auto-responder, they have the ability to make the decision and sign up in their own time when they are ready.

This increases their success rate as they were not pressured or ‘forced’ to join and you have already educated them and showed them how to succeed.

This process makes your life much easier too. You don’t face rejection, make phone calls or set up personal one on one meetings. It’s all done without your direct involvement. This dramatically frees up your time whilst increasing your profits

 Training your new MLM team members

Once a person has joined, give them all the help you can. New entrepreneurs thrive on personal attention. This can be as easy as a quick email to ask how they are doing and if you can assist them with anything. You can set up regular training webinars and Google Hangouts to keep team members up to date.

The team members who are proactive and really want to succeed, will show initiative and stand out from the crowd. These are the people you need to spend the most time with.

It will multiply your success and that of the entire MLM team. If you follow the steps above and consistently take massive action, you can easily build yourself a massive MLM team in 12 months or less.

To Your Success…

Glen Henry.

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