Looking for a way to automate your MLM success and increase your income substantially? Then you’ve have come the right place. This article will explain step by step, how to use MLM systems to automatically build your business, increase productivity and wealth.

Using Unique And Customised Capture Pages

There a many MLM systems and strategies to generate leads and build your business, but building a business manually can be a lot of hard work and a constant uphill battle.

Most distributors and still busy buying useless opportunities leads, genealogy lists, attending business meetings and making cold calls trying to build their MLM business.
These marketing strategies can work if you continue to do it long enough, but they are extremely inefficient, time consuming and expensive. The effort is often not worth the end result.

Fortunately, there is much, easier, faster, cheaper and more effective way to generate high quality leads and new distributors. It’s called a capture page or squeeze page. And they work extremely well when done correctly.

But before you start advertising your company’s generic website, there’s something critical you need to understand. Your capture page needs to be completely unique to succeed. You must be able to customised it and change it whenever required, so you can stand out from the crowd.

Your generic company website just won’t cut it.

Using An Auto Responder

An auto responder one of the essential tool required within automated MLM systems.

This will allow you to automatically send pre-set emails to your leads once they opt in through your custom capture page. It will also allow you to communicate and build a relationship and trust without your direct involvement. This is absolutely vital to your overall success.

They are cheap, easy to use and you can just ‘set and forget’ them. It’s like having a personal assistant emailing your leads 24/7.

Using Follow Up Messages

One of the most important elements when using MLM systems to automate your success, is your auto responder follow up messages.

Your content must be relevant to your topic or business and provide as much value and free information as possible. If you’re trying to sign up new distributors, trying to pitch your business opportunity at every chance you get will only end with a lot for leads hitting the unsubscribe button.

The key is to help as much as possible and every now and then, recommend a cheap but useful ebook or affiliate training course, that helps your leads build their business and allows you to make a commission in the process.

Only when your leads can truly see you are there to help them and they trust you, do you recommend your primary MLM business. This allows you to not only sponsor more distributors without picking up the phone and making cold calls, but also allows you generate consistence commissions even if they decide not the join your business opportunity.

How To Automate Your Traffic

Every business both online or offline requires quality leads and customers to be successful. MLM Systems are a fantastic way increase your wealth, but work much better when you automate your traffic in the process.

This can be done using many free traffic methods such as articles, videos, classifieds and forum marketing etc. Unlike many other paid marketing strategies, if you stop paying for traffic your leads instantly stop and your sales begin to plummet.

If consistently following a marketing plan to generate high Quality MLM leads, you will soon find you can sponsor more distributors and make commissions like clock-work, when using your very own automated marketing system.

This is a much faster and easier and more convenient way to create wealth and build your MLM business.

As you can see, using  MLM Systems correctly to automate your business, is one of the smartest things you could possibly do to increase your free time, productivity and create massive wealth.

To Your Success…

Glen Henry

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